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Kawasaki La Puttana Motorcycle Build

La Puttana
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Jon (guest) says:
Dec 14, 2015 6:18 AM
Thanks for the insightful comment! We are always on the lookout for non-traditional builders.

Rob54 (guest) says:
Dec 13, 2015 9:23 AM
A very talented and inspiring young man whose eye for detail is second to none and whose range of talent is seemingly never ending. I have followed a number of his builds on various forums and I am sure that if he were using the ubiquitous Harley Davidson motorcycle, as used by so many others in his native land, I am sure he would be lauded and inundated with awards. Even without the use of the HD marque he is showing the way forward with his innovative work. He has since applied his talents to painting La’Puttana, utilising some ‘Old School’ techniques, such as lacework and the results are very beautiful.